Building the Rest of the Chimney

The finished chimney

Now to catch up with the chimney construction – the last post, about the stove, showed how the stove was tied to the chimney, and this post will show how the heater was tied in.

Measuring that the flue from the heater will align with hole in wall, before the soapstone cladding is constructed.

On the other side of the wall from the heater is the bathroom, where the chimney will be a source of heat.

The flue from the heater to the chimney assembled before being carried up to the bathroom.

Cutting the fire stop flashing that will be installed when going through both the floor and ceiling.

Showing the terracotta pipe flue liners, the flashing that goes between layers of concrete block, and brickwork to grade.

The first course of cinderblock rising from the upper bathroom floor, over the fire stop flashing.

Scaffolding goes up as work shifts outdoors.

Hint; find tha Supah's shadow.

Where's tha Supah?

And Ray put those lights up on the ceiling to get them out of the way.

Breaking through the ceiling and roof.

A lot of bricks came up in buckets by means of a pulley. Ancient art of building a chimney.

In the meantime, indoors, Adam applies stucco to the chimney.

The flue from the heater is attached to the chimney. Note bracing by the wall.

Mmmmm, warm towels.

Final coat of stucco, flue damper installed, and the flue is just waiting for more bracing and boxing. And towel racks on the chimney.

And outside, a beautiful chimney with chimney pots.

A very elegant finish to a fantastic project. Adam Gauvin and Jeremy Brown, lead mason.

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