Splitting Cord Wood

So here I am with lovely piles of wood that have to be split further in order to dry more quickly and burn more efficiently, and I don’t know the first thing about splitting wood. So I go to the internet and study youtube videos of splitting wood and I see the setup of a tire on a stump. But I’m really not that good at swinging an axe. So back to the youtubes, and I see one from Finland using a weighted wedge on a long pole-type handle. This I can handle. It is twelve pounds, which is somewhat heavy, but standing up on a step and putting the tire on thin boards (to save the cutting edge from dulling on the flagstone), I can get decent work done.
Here is a quick job accomplished, as none of the blocks of wood had a knot in it, so splitting was really easy. Loud, but easy.

I believe this would be half of a day’s requirement – but this, too, we will find out for sure when we actually get the system up and running.

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