In Which Everything Goes Cold and Dark

This is the chapter in the story where everything goes cold and dark, there is great disruption and trepidation, there are delays and blockages thwarting a quick and easy journey, but each reverse makes us stronger; “it’s character-building.” I’m sure the journey is the point, but I don’t want to dwell on it either.

Er, why blog if not to dwell?
Even though the little Jodul I had stored in the garage will not be part of the kitchen configuration, it is now serving yeoman’s duty lifting everyone’s morale by providing heat, fried buttered bread and tea.
Jeremy lined the upper half of the chimney (from living level up) with a T-joint in order to accommodate this temporary location and a later installation in the basement, at which time, he will chop through the living room fireplace floor for a continuation of the same flue down to the basement. The T, however, has already come in handy as a remedy for a smoky start up = I can remove a cap on the downward pointing flue end, and, holding a burning piece of newspaper up the flue, jump start a recalcitrant draft.

Yeoman Jodul

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