Building the Footings for the Heater/Stove and Chimney

Robert Leet, the structural engineer from Whetstone Engineering, Wendell, MA, says, “Compact the soil!” So we compact the soil. But it’s really grim using a combustion machine in the house. We opened all the doors and windows we could and Jeremy ran the machine only if someone were around to pull him out, if necessary. Alarms did go off, so they work. And the weather was merely cold, not wicked cold.

“Build the forms and put down the rebar as per approved design.”
Forms and Rebar
The young man from Woburn Concrete was generous with his help and with three men working, the pour and clean-up was accomplished in under an hour.
Woburn Concrete
Woburn Concrete
Jeremy and Miguel screed the reinforced floor.

Miguel, Jeremy’s friend and fellow mason.
Miguel, fellow mason
The pour was completed Dec 23, 2011, right before the Christmas weekend. Everyone rested merry, and the concrete set up nicely.

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