Building the Bridging Slab (Hearth)

Structural Engineer 1
First, you shift the piping for the forced hot water system, which is being replaced, but is still necessary.

Colin and Dominic, brothers Pespisa, 3G plumbers carry on the family business

When I envisioned building the form for the bridging slab, I figured a piece of plywood would lie across the top of the piers, have sides, and be filled with rebar and concrete. But I couldn’t figure out how you would get the plywood out from under the slab. Well! Guess what! One builds several bottoms, between the piers, that can be pulled out in sections. I am impressed.
First, you frame each bottom section by dropping the frame the width of the plywood, so the whole bottom seems smooth and seamless, (and you could say you just put down a piece of plywood and easily got it out from under after the pour).
Framing each section between the piers
The bridging span extends over the end of the stairs to the basement and rather than have the access too restricted, we substituted lolly columns for one of the concrete block piers.
Jeremy Brown, mason and builder

Jeremy Brown, mason and builder

George Brown, carpenter and builder

George Brown, carpenter and builder

Moi doing the ties!

Tha Supah, Earl Gray, supahvises

The Building Inspector approves!

And tons of stuff gets delivered.
Graves Concrete

Graves Concrete

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